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Patient with strong genetic factor for colon cancer, what is the medication that could decrease the risk of colon cancer?

Water in the body:

Case scenario (patient present planter fasciitis) Treatment:

Patient with heart disease complain of lower limb ischemia your advice :

70 years old patient presented with wight loss , fatigue , anemia , upper quadrant pain :

Patient has car accident which of the following trauma will happen to him?

Child has tracheoesophageal fistula, all can be used in management, except :

37 years old post cholecystectomy came with unilateral face swelling and tenderness. Past history of measles when he was young. On examination moist mouth, slightly cloudy saliva with neutrophil and band cells. Culture of saliva wasn't diagnostic. What is the diagnosis?

Female patient is complaining of abdominal distension, fever and nausea abdominal x-ray showed "Ladder sign" management is:

Acute appendicitis:

A 48 years old man complaining of right lower quadrant pain, bleeding per rectum, nausea & vomiting. What is the best pre-operative investigation?

The management of breast engorgement:

15 years old with pilonidal sinus so treatment :

40 years old male drug addicted and alcoholic of 25 years duration admitted with a 12-Ib weight loss and upper abdominal pain of three weeks duration. Examination reveals a mass in the epigastrium. His temperature is 99F and white cell count is 14,000.The most likely diagnosis is :

Best investigation to visualize the cystic breast masses is:

Cost effective to decrease incidence of getting DVT post op :

Factor which determine recurrence of breast cancer :

Surgery in C3 colon cancer :

What is the most common complication of acute pancreatitis?

Patient is complaining of 10 days anal fissure:

Middle age male came to you gunshot to his femur, when you explore you found a 5 cm destroy of the superficial femoral artery what you will do?

A 55 yr old man presenting with history of streaks of blood in stool and dull pain on defecation that persists for half an hour after defecation, on examination there was a 3x2 cm thrombosed mass at 3 o’clock. What is the management?

Facial suture, when should it be removed:

Useful finding in acute appendicitis:

2 years old boy has rectal pain, bleeding with perianal itching and constipation for 3 days, physical examination revealed a perianal erythematous rash which extend 2 cm around the anal ring, most likely Dx:

RTA with hip dislocation and shock so causes of shock is:

15 years old boy with dark urine, dark brown stool, positive occult test, what to do?

Which of the following is true concerning inhalation injury?

What is the percentage of The Benign tumors of the Stomach?

Case of burn  swelling, redness and hotness:

Which role used to calculate burn surface area in case of burn:

35 years old smoker, on examination sown white patch on the tongue, management:

Patient presented with leg swelling, what is the best method to diagnose DVT?

43 year old sustained traumas to the chest present with severe short of breath with cyanosis, his right lung is silent with hyper-resonance. The FIRST step to treat this patient:

Newborn baby with umbilical hernia what you will say to his family?

Patient with submandibular swelling associated with pain during eating, what is your first investigation?

Which of the following is the most potent known stimulator of gastric acid secretion?

Case scenario patient present with acute symptoms of bloody diarrhea, Diagnosis, acute ulcerative colitis, the initial treatment for this patient :

Patient with long history of UC on endoscopes see polyp and cancer lesion on left colon so ttt :

The single blood test performed by a good laboratory that would be expected to be the most sensitive for determining whether the patient is euthyroid, hypothyroid or hyperthyroid is:

The most common cause of dysphagia in adults is:

Patient has history of adult respiratory distress syndrome develop pneumothorax what is the cause?

The most common cause on chronic interrupted rectal bleeding is:

All are complication of laparoscopic cholecystectomy EXCEPT:

Concerning the treatment of breast cancer, which of the following statement is false?

Which vitamin has a protective effect against colon cancer :

Which of the following breast mass is bilateral?

Female about 30 years with breast cancer (given CBC, chemistry and ravel low hemoglobin and hematocrit), what is the next step in management?

Male singer with colon cancer stage B2: which of the following correct?

Patient with mastitis the most suitable antibiotic :

patient sustained abdominal trauma and was suspect intra-peritoneal bleeding, the most important diagnostic test :

About hemorrhoid:

30 years old female presented with painless breast lump. Ultrasound showed a cystic lesion. Aspiration of the whole lump content was done and was a clear fluid. Your NEXT step is:

2 tests are most specific in screening of hepatocellular cancer :

42 year old woman presented with a painful breast mass about 4 cm in the upper lateral quadrant. It increases in size with the menstrual period. Examination showed a tender nodularity of both breasts. What is the management:

58 years old very heavy alcoholic and smoker. You find 3 cm firm mass at Right Mid cervical lymph node, Most appropriate next step is :

Complications of colostomy are all the following EXCEPT:

Free fluid accumulate in abdominal cavity cause:

Facial nerve when it exits the tempromandibular joint and enter parotid gland it passes:

The most common cause of esophageal perforation is:

Child swallowing battery in the esophagus management:

Which of the following is true concerning hemorrhoids? They are:

36 years old female with breast mass mobile and change with menstrual cycle, no skin dimple or fathering. Your advice is

Stress ulcers can be found in all EXCEPT:

All of these diseases are predisposing to gastric cancer except:

Post laparoscopic cholecystectomy patient presented with progressive Jaundice. The most appropriate investigation is:

Indication of tracheotomy, all true except:

Papillary carcinoma of the thyroid is characterized by all of the following EXCEPT:

The greatest risk of developing chronic hepatitis and cirrhosis occurs after:

Patient was presented by constipation, vomiting, abdominal distension, with old scar in the lower abdomen, X ray showed dilated loops with air in the rectum, what is the best initial management?

Which of following mostly occur in a patient with intracranial abscess?

A wound stays in its primary inflammation until :

Female with neck swelling firm, large, and lobulated, positive antibodies against thyroid peroxidase, what is the diagnosis?

A patient with mixed 1st& 2nd degree burns in head & neck region, what is the most appropriate management?

The most accurate tool for diagnosis of appendicitis:

Patient with scrotal pain & swelling, on examination: tender swelling & tender node in groin, increased intestinal sounds, one episode of vomiting & abdominal pain, management?

The most lethal injury to the chest is :

17 year complaining of right iliac fossa pain rebound tenderness +ve guarding what is the Ix that u will do?

Patient diagnosed with obstructive jaundice best to diagnose common bile duct obstruction:

Breast cancer in female under 35 years all of the following are true EXCEPT:

45 year old female come to the ER complaining of right hypochondrial pain which increases with respiration , on Ex there is tenderness over the right hypochondrium, Next investigation is :


46-year-old female presents with a painful mass I x2 cm in the upper outer quadrant of the left breast. There are areas of ecchymosis laterally on both breasts. There is skin retraction overlying the left breast mass. What is the most likely diagnosis?

Paraplegia patient with ulcer in lower back 2+2 cm and lose of dermis and epidermis these ulcer in stage:

Best diagnostic tool in acute diverticulitis :

Patient with testicular mass non tender and growing on daily basis. On examination epididymis was normal, what you will do?

Lactation mastitis treatment is :

Which of the following liver tumors is often associated with oral contraceptive agents?

Female com with lump in breast which one of the following makes you leave her without appointment?

Relative to the complications that may be associated with thyroidectomy, which of the following statements is correct?

Victim of RTA came with multiple injuries to abdomen, chest and limbs. BP is 80/ 50. upper limb has upper third near amputation that bleeds profusely , what is your first thing to do :

Patient came with redness of finger, you give augmentin for one week but no improvement, so what you will do now?

Elderly male patient underwent colectomy for colon cancer in which micrometastais was detected in the lymph nodes, what is the best explanation?

Patient with right upper quadrant pain, fever, sweating, on examination tender Hepatomegaly, the investigation shows positive amoeba: what is your diagnosis?

Female patient presented with tender red swelling in the axilla with history of repeated black head and large pore skin in same area: treatment is :

6 months baby with undescending testis which is true:

Patient with bilateral breast cancer which type?

The most common cause of hypercalcaemia in a hospitalized patient is:

Regarding infection in the finger bulb, all true except:

Female 13 years old , came complaining of mass in her left breast in lower outer quadrant , it is soft tender about 2 cm in size , patient denies its aggravation and reliving by special condition her menarche is as age of 12, what is diagnosis :

Which of the following diseases is NOT frequently associated with pyogenic liver abscesses :

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