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Poor patient compliance means :

Fluoxetine ( Prozac ) is :


Examples of drug drug interaction :

Generic name of vitamine B1 is :

Generic name of vitamine B2 is :

Generic name of vitamine B6 is :

Generic name of vitamine B12 is :

All of these are calamine lactate B.P component except :

M.M.R vaccine is :

The instruction for patient taking METAMUCIL or any other bulk forming laxative  :

Cytotic is used for :

The following is ( are ) HMG-CoA reductase inhibitor :

Source of human insulin :

Zantac contain :

Thiabendazole is :

Oral rehydration solution contain :

Gemifibrozil :

Nitroprusside sodium is :

Drugs needs monitoring their serum level :

One of the following is true for flucloxacillin :

Nitrofuranton is indicated for :

Vitamin K :

Quinidine sulfate is :

ACE mechanisms :

All are side effects of thiazide except :

Ipeca is emetic agent which induce emesis through :

Theophylline is :

Schedule for immunization for HBV is :

Itraconazole is :

Anaphylactic reaction is treated by :

Emesis is not indicated for the following EXCEPT :

All of the following is anion except :

Astemazole :

Triazole :

Minoxidil is monitored by the following parameters except :

Aspirin is recommended with :

Which of the following is not true about tetracycline :

Indication of allopurinol :

Example of non sedating antihistaminic :

Famotidne is H2 receptor antagonist :

The action of captopril :

Type II diabetes is characterized by :

Side effect of aminoglycoside :

The following is / are quinolone :

Drug consider potassium sparing diuretic :

Acetazolamide :

Which one induces metabolism of other medication :

All of these you can dispense to patient without prescription except :

Acetohexamide is :

Trade name of pindolol :

Trade name of baclofen :

Trade name of omeprazole :

What is the meaning of P.O.M :

What is the meaning of BID :

What is the meaning of ECG :

What is the meaning of G6PD :

Which one of these is pro drug :

500 ml of normal saline 0.9 % contain ……..gm NaCl :

ACE inhibitors are :

Levodopa is :

Specific serotonin reuptake inhibitor (SSRI) are used as :

Which of the following has no vasodilating effect :

Drug contraindicated in pregnancy :

The following is used in T.B. treatment :

Calcipotriol is indicated for:

Maximum dose of captopril is :

Amantadine is used for the following except :

All are viral infection except :

At cardiac shock (arrest ) the drug of choice is :

Example of cardioselective B blocker :

Drug to pass B.B.B :

All of the following are anti parkinsonism metabolite ( cytotoxic ) except :

All of the following are anti metabolite ( cytotoxic ) except :

All of the following are anti cholinergic except :

All those are corticosteroid except :

Upper respiratory tract infections are treated sometimes with antibiotic. the recommended micro organisms for which you suggest an antibiotics are :

Ipecac induce vomiting through :

All of the following are used for T.B. except :

When newly married don’t want children , the contraception should be arranged as follow :

Type I diabetes advised to use :

Type II diabetes advised to use :

Side effect of insulin are :

One of the following is main side effect of insulin :

The only amino glycoside antibiotic can be taken orally :

Chloramphenicol liver inhibitory effect include :

OTC include :

Enteric coated tablet :

All of these are true for levodopa except :

Pentobarbital differ from Phenobarbital in :

Morphine is similar to morpine in :

The concentration of the drug on the expiry date should be :

If prescription contains inderal ® and the patient is wheezing :

Theophylline is :

Theophylline dose in children:

Biotransformation process is :

Pharmacokinetics is :

Surfactant not used orally :

Zidovudine is used for :

For metabolic acidosis one of these is given :

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