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The following are quinolone antibiotic EXCEPT :

Praziquantel is :

Which of the following diuretic may cause hyperkalemia :

One of these drugs is potentially harmful when taken with OTC drugs without medical consultation :

There is contraindication in taking potassium contacting preparation with these cases EXCEPT :

For metabolic acidosis one of these is given :

The dose of paracetamol for 3 month children to one year old child is :

Concerning levodopa all of the following statement are correct EXCEPT :

Claims for new drugs for hypertension concentrate on :

All of these are fibrinolytic drugs EXCEPT :

Which of the following statement concerning thyroid hormone is correct :

All of these statement are true for amantadine EXCEPT :

Which one of the following is NOT corticosteroid :

The following are adverse effect of insulin EXCEPT :

The safest drug for an elderly patient who suffering from osteoarthritis and peptic ulcer disease  :

Itraconazole is :

Ondasetron HCL is used for :

Malignant hypothermia ( a rare inherited muscle disorder ) a typical complication of :

When dispensing drug that cause allergic reaction such as penicillin and sulfonamide the pharmacist should :

The best advice for the parent of a feverish child (41°C) is to suggest :

All of these drugs can be used as prophylactic in asthma EXCEPT :

All of these drugs are non sedating anti histaminic EXCEPT :

indication for therapeutics of B-blockers includes :

All of these drugs are controlled drugs EXCEPT :

Clonidine :

Fundamental control effects of morphine include :

Atropine routinely employed during general anesthesia in order to :

A father came to see you and told you that a child (who is 5 Kg ) swallowed 10 tablet of aspirin for children and asking for an antidote :

Which one of these drug is not used for epilepsy :

Which one of these drugs is not used for acute pain :

Digoxine serum concentration are monitored ,since their elimination depend on :

Which one of these drugs is NOT used for anxiety :

Which one of these drugs is NOT macrolide antibiotic :

The most common route of drug entry to the cell is :

A patient who presents a prescription for erythromycin 500 mg Q6H for 10 days and your pharmacy didn’t have it, which of the following you suggest as the best alternative to his physician :

Which of these drugs is NOT cough suppressant :

In storage of medicinal product :

A child who came with prescription for paracetamol ( whose weight is 12 Kg ) and dose ( 5 ml Q4H to Q6H PRN ) you are going to tell the doctor to tell him :

Which of these drugs should be avoided during pregnancy :

Which one of these drugs is NOT Beta agonist :

Protein binding of a drug can lead to:

Nitrous oxide is widely used in anesthesia because it :

Disulfiram ( tetra ethyl thiuram sulfide ):

The duration of treatment of T.B is :

Which of these drugs is contraindicated during pregnancy :

By definition first pass metabolism effect of drug is :

A patient presents to you prescription for KCL and enalapril , you are going to ask him :

Hemisuccinate are used as prodrug for drugs to be given IV administration because :

What is the active ingredient of dolomol :

All of these are side effect of chloramphenicol EXCEPT :

Vasopressin is used in the treatment of :

According to ministry of health (MOH) regulation narcotic prescription can be dispensed by the pharmacist when :

In which of the following references you can find the answer if you asked by a patient to identify an orange tablet with a printed code of F12 :

The concentration of NaCL in dextrose 5% normal saline (D5W/NS) is :

What is the major complication of morphine over dose :

Which one of the following statement is INCORRECT :

Intra osseous injection refers to injection into the :

The trade name of cotrimoxazole is :

The recommended dose of paracetamol for 10 Kg child is :

Which one of the following preparation can be used externally as otic waxes remover :

The PH of acidic preparation :

Eight fluid ounce :

Which of the following drugs should not be mixed with normal saline for intravenous administration :

How many gram of magnesium oxide are required to make 300 ml of 15% (W/V) solution :

How much sodium chloride is required to prepare 500 ml of 0.9% normal saline :

Ondasetron Hcl is used for :

All of these is side effect of chloramphenicol except :

Ticlopidine is used for :

All these drug are fibrinolytic except :

All these drugs cause anti metabolic effect except :

All these drugs can be used for parkinsonism except :

All these cases not cure with thiazide except : 

Cardiac arrest could be management by the following except : :

Antidote of heparin is:

Antidote of warfarin is :

Antidote of paracetamol is :

Antidote of morphine is :

Disease cause edema :

Simvastatin :

Side effect of corticosteroid include :

Biotransformation is conversion of the drug to :

Phenyl ephrine is used:

Oxytocin produces all of the following except :

New & best therapy for peptic ulcer is :

In case of arthritis & peptic ulcer Of elderly patient use :

Give names of drugs the drug changes the color of urine :

Drug of choice of febrile convulsion in children:

Cyproteron (androcure )is used for :

Immunocompetent means :

Immunocompromised means :

Difference between captopril & other ACE inhibitor :

Gluco corticoid used in :

Cotrimoxazole contain Trimethoprime and Sulphamethoxazole as :

One of the following symptoms is not side effect of morphine :

One of the following is the drug of choice for myoxedema :

One of the following is the drug of choice for amoeba :

One of the following is given once daily :

Ferrogard is :

What does QOD stands for :

One of the following is not calcium channel blockers :

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