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The inferior alveolar nerve is branch of:

It is preferable to be the length of the handle of the custom tray:

Ranula Can be treated by:


At which of the following locations on a mandibular molar do you complete the excavation of caries first :

In a class III composite with a liner underneath, what's the best to use :


An examination of the edentulous mouth of an aged Pt who has wore maxillary complete dentures for many years against six mandibular teeth would probably show :

Fluoride which we use in the clinic doesn’t cause fluorosis because :

The most prominent cell in acute inflammation is:

Which of the following is the longest in the dental arch:

Which one of the following was the most frequently reason for replacement of a molar restoration with larger restoration:

Tooth fracture during extraction may be occur due to:

Mastoid process is a part of:


The spontaneous production of an electric current resulting from two dissimilar metal in the oral cavity is called:

Fluoride reduces caries activity by :

Fractured tooth to alveolar crest, what's the best way to produce ferrule effect?

Complete blood count "CBC" is a laboratory test important in dentistry:

Pt complains from severe spontaneous pain related to upper 6. It respond to vitality test no pain on percussion, diagnosis is:

When take x ray in upper premolar to locate lingual root using mesial shift it will apear :

Droplet nuclei containing mycobacterium tuberculosis:

Cholesterol crystals are found in:

Oral and perioral cyst formed from epithelial rest of serres:

The favored relationship in case of fabrication of a lower class 1 RPD opposing a natural dentition is :

Important functions must be considered when arranging anterior teeth:

Avulsed tooth is washed with tap water , it should be replaced again:

With children rubber dam not use with:

At which temperature that gutta percha reach the alpha temp:

Oral diaphragm consist mainly of:

Pulpities in decidous teeth in radiograph see related to:


Pt with complete denture complain from tightness of denture in morning then become good this due to :

All of these are ways to give L.A with less pain EXCEPT:

Pt with missing lower right 1st molar for long time you'll find:

Dry socket happen after:

Patient with warfarin treatment and you want to do surgery, when you can do:

Chlorhexidine is used as mouth wash in the concentration of:

The long axis of the maxillary cuspid is inclined slightly to the:

Radiopacity attached to root of mandibular molar:

Contra indication of implant EXCEPT :

Enamel tufts are:

Recent years, there has been an evidence that the prevalence and intensity of the caries attack has been diminishing in the more economically developed countries, mainly because of the wide spread use of:

Cleft lip is resulted from incomplete union of:

Radiolucent are cover the pericornal part of the 3rd molar is:

To enhance strength properties of ceramo metal restoration, it is important to:

All of these are right ways to handle the instrument EXCEPT  :

Body defends itself by antibodies from :

Direct pulp capping is done in:

Hyperventilation in dental office:

The normal response of a vital pulp to the thermal testing is:

Actual destruction of the micro organism in root canal attributed mainly to:

Pt. presented to u complain of click during open and close. Thers is no facial asymmetry EXCEPT when opening What is the diagnosis:

All these are contraindicated to RCT EXCEPT:

Coronal suture is between:

After taking alginate impression:

Antibiotics are most used in cases of:

Drainage of tip of the tongue:

All these are contraindicated to RCT EXCEPT:

x-ray periapical for immature tooth is :

The cell primary site of ATP production is:

The primary goal of posterior tooth selection is:

Which one of the following is not a characteristic of dentinal hypersensitivity:

Patient complaining from pain in the floor of the mouth (beneath the lower jaw) your diagnosis is related to the salivary glands, what’s the best x-ray to help you:


Pt presented to u with trauma of the central incisor with open apex tooth clinical examination revealed cut of blood supply to the tooth what is the next step:

Thermo mech. Tech of obturation is :

Periodontal ligament fibers in the middle third of the root is:


Year old patient all first molars carious and suspected pit and fissure areas of the second molars Treatment plan :

Radiopacity at the apex of a tooth with chronic pulpitis:

Wax properties are:

Nausea is a complaint that a new denture wearer might encounter. It may result from :

Stock trays compared to Custom trays for a removable partial denture impression :


Student, came to clinic with severe pain, interdental papilla is inflamed, student has exams, heavy smoker, poor nutrition :


Patient un cooperation can result in fault of operation, Technical faults ONLY are related to patient factor :

Amalgam tattoo is an oral pigmentation lesion:


33 years old female PT come with slow growing swelling in the angle of the mandible. Radiograph show radio-opaque with radio-lucent border diagnosis:

Most common cyst oral cavity:

To record the occlusal plane in order to:

After finish class v glass ionomer cement we do finishing with:

Post graduated student use mta the prognosis depend on :

Which cyst is not radiolucent?

Pain in central incisors from: 

To kill HIV use all of the following EXCEPT :

Lesion similar to Endo Lesion:

When the mandible moves to the working side, the opposite side cusp to cusp contacts in order to balance stresses of mastication. This relation is called:

Most difficult of extract:

Patient with leukemia absolute neutrophilic count is 1700 what oral surgeon should do :

Three weeks after delivery of a unilateral distal extension mandibular removable partial denture, a Pt complained of a sensitive abutment tooth, clinical examination reveals sensitivity to percussion of the tooth, the most likely cause is :

Cell that can give more than one type:

The long axis of the maxillary first molar is inclined to:


To treat non vital tooth with open apex when doing access openning with gates glidden bur take care to :

All are irrigation for canals EXCEPT:

Isolated pocket in:

Best material for major connector :


An 18 years old Pt present complaining of pain, bad breath and bleeding gingival This began over the weakened while studying for the final exam. The Pt may have which of the following conditions :

Which tooth of the mandibular anterior teeth that touch the lingual surface of the maxillary anterior teeth in normal centric relation?

To drain submandibular abscess:

Reparative dentine:


An adult had an accident, maxillary central incisors intruded, lip is painful with superficial wound what is the trauma’s classification:

Pt have hyperventilation in clinic. Most cause:


Upon examination of alveolar ridge of elderly PT for construction of lower denture easily displaceable tissue is seen in the crest of ridge. Management:

The posterior width of the maxillary occlusion:

The normal response of a inflamed pulp to the thermal testing is:

Teenager boy with occlusal wear the best ttt is :

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