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What are the disadvantages of mcspadden technique in obturation:

What’s the name of the Device used to measure Vertical Dimension

Material which used for flasking complete denture:

Young with open apex examination test:

Dentine hypersensitivity is best relieved or controlled by:

Patient come to the clinic with ill‐fitting denture, during examination you notice white small elevation on the crest of the lower ridge, what will you tell the patient:

Gutta percha contain mainly:

Which of the following statement about the mechanism of action for denture adhesive is not correct:

Destruction of RBC may cause anemia and it is due to defect in cell membrane:

The most common type of malignant bone tumor of the jaws is:

The occlusal reduction for an all metal veneer crown should:

Hairy trichoglossia may be caused by:

After u did RCT to your pt he came back to the clinic after few days with sever pain on

biting, you did xray and it revealed that the RCT filling is very good, but u saw radiopaque,

thin (film like) spot on the lateral border of the root what is the most probable diagnosis?

Polishing bur have:

One of the main cause of malocclusion:

Use of miswak and toothbrush:

The peripheries of the custom tray should be under extended to all border and clearance from the
frenum areas:

The most common malignant tumors of the minor salivary glands are:

Crown and root perforation:

Calculus induce further periodontal lesion due to:

pt with renal dialysis the best time of dental tx is

The most common benign tumor in oral cavity is:

Child with anodontia and loss of body hair, the diagnosis is:

Pit &fissure least effective with:

Bass brushing has the advantage of the bristles enters in the cervical area , and it is recommended for all patients:

endocrine and exocrine gland

A restoration of anterior teeth with RCT, abraded incisal edge & small M&D caries is


Soft palate falls abruptly facilitate recording post dam, falls gradually make recording post dam difficult

Which of the following spaces are bilaterally involved in Ludwig's angina?

Properties of ideal endo obturation material are all EXCEPT:

In recording man‐max relation,the best material used without producing pressure is

AH26 is root canal sealer consist of:

Hypersensitivity is due to:

Pulp with age:

The most common form of oral ulcerative disease is:

Primary malignant melanoma of the oral mucosa:

Which scalpel below is universally used for oral surgical procedures?

Which type of burs is the least in heat generation:

patient with 5 years old denture has a severe gag reflex , upon history he says he had the same symptoms in the first few
days of the denture delievery and it went all alone

Most common site of squamous cell carcinoma:

The most common location of percutaneous injury among dentist is

Toothgerm of primary teeth arise from:

Most commonly, after placement of amalgam restoration PT. Complain from pain


In clinical research:

The powder for GI cement contain:

Masseter muscle extends from lower of border zygomatic arch to lateral border of

ramus and angel mandible.

Irrigant that kills efoecalis

master cone doesn't reach the apex

for root canal treated tooth u choose to put post & amalgam this depend on

After class V GI restoration removal of a thin flush of GI is done by:

When removing moist carious dentin which exposes the pulp, dentist should:

in inflamed muocosa due to wearing denture to when do new denture

The Most common odontogenic cysts in the jaws are:

Clinical failure of the amalgam restoration usually occurs from

mechanochemical prep'n during RCT main aim:

Small access opening in upper centeral incisor lead to:

Autoclaving technique is depending on:

The most common activity associated with percutaneous injury of the dentist is:

old pt came to replace all old amalgam filling he had sever occlusal attriation the best replacement is:

Fluoride is not taken up systemically from which of the following sources:

The nerve which supply the tongue and may be anesthetized during nerve block injection:

The average distance between the lingual surface of the maxillary anterior teeth and the buccal surface of the mandibular anterior teeth is:

Hyperemia result in:

Female . Swelling in left of mandible, slowly increasing , radio opaque surrounded by radiolucent band

The PH of the calcium hydroxide is:

Pt has bad oral hygine and missing the right and left lateral insicor what ttt

Polyvinyl siloxanes compared with polysulfide:

Child with anodontia and loss of body hair, the diagnosis is:

Pt have denture, after 5 year he complain of ulcer and inflammation in lower buccal vestibule. wt is the Dx:

Examination of Pt health by the dentist:

After class V GI restoration removal of a thin flush of GI is done by:

Removal of Undermined Enamel in Class II cavity is done by :

Among the reasons that molar teeth are more difficult to treat endodontically than anterior teeth:

Periodontally involved root surface must be root planed to:

Child came to the clinic with amalgam restoration fracture at isthmus portion, this fracture due to:

sharping of hand instrument mounted air driven better than unmounted due to

Best media for the avulsed tooth:

Post fracture decrease with:

Treatment of gingival trauma from faulty oral hygiene is mainly:

Which statement concerning sensitive teeth is false:

Bonding agent for enamel we use:

For etching 15 sec, for composite restoration use:

After completion of orthodontic treatment he came complaining of pain in 11 tooth radiograph show absorption in the middle third of the root of 11 wt is the proper management:

Over extended GP should remove using:

silane coupling agent:

The maximum dose of Xray exposure dose for radiographic technique:

When extracting all max teeth the correct order is:

The aim of treatment maintenance is:

Factor interfere with healing:

Which are the ways in which the proximal contacts can be checked?

Which of the following would be clinically un acceptable as a primary of isolating a tooth for sealant placement:

DNA only infect human but RNA doesn't infect human:

Laser core can be used in curing of composite:

Father for child 12 year pt asked you about ,the age for the amalgam restoration of his child ,you tell him:

Caries consist of:

Color Stability is better in:

Reciprocal arm in RPD help to resist the force applied by which parts:

Spontaneous pulpal pain is indicative of

To locate the canal orifice use

The most common endodontic cyst is:

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