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Patient feel sever pain upper mouth pain is radiated to eay and ear ,after you check no caries when you pressure on maxilry premolar he feel pain. In xray no change what dignosis?


Mandible is the 1st bone calcified in skull but clavicle start first but in same embryological time:

Most common site of oral squamous cell carcinoma:

The normal response of a vital pulp to the electric pulp testing is:

The process of positioning or arranging teeth on the denture base is termed:

During endo pt is complaining of pain with percussion what u suspect?

The type of maxillofacial defects:


8 years old pt. Had trauma to 8 presented after 30 minute of injury He had crown fracture with incipient pulp exposure what u do:

Buccal branch of facial is:


The goal of making the peripheries of the custom tray under extended to all bordered clearance from the frenum areas:

You extract tooth with large amalgam restoration, how to manage the extracted tooth:

A glossy finish is best retained on a:


20 years old male PT came with severe pain on chewing related to lower molars. Intraoral examination reveals no caries, good oral hygiene, no change in radiograph. PT give history of bridge cementation 3 days ago. Diagnosis:

Teenager boy with occlusal wear the best ttt is :

What is the benefit of rinsing the mouth with water:

Upon opening an incision in a periapical abscess in a lower 1st molar, you open :

Broken instrument during RCT, best prognosis if broken at:

Hypercementosis :

Contraindication for endo treatment EXCEPT:

Hydrogen peroxide is the ideal bleaching agent because:

Crown and root perforation:

When extracting all max teeth the correct order is:

If the maxillary first molar is found to have four, the fourth canal is likely found:

The primary source of retention of porcelain veneer:

When polishing amalgam rest :


When the mandible moves to the working side, the opposite side cusp to cusp contacts in order to balance stresses of mastication. This relation is called:

When does child should be first exposed for using tooth brush :

Suture commonly used in oral cavity:

The radiograph shows condylar head orientation and facial symmetry :

Atropine :

Buccal branch of trigeminal is:

An anterior fixed partial denture is contraindicated when :

The body secret antibody against antigen using which cells:

Abrasion of enamel and root surfaces may result from the long term use of:

The choice of local anesthesia depend on:

The term acanthosis refers to:

The main link between the pulp and the the periodontium is:

Glenoid fossa is found in:

The following medical conditions may precipitate a syncope:

Primary malignant melanoma of the oral mucosa:

Pontic design of an FPD:

Radiographic radioulucency in the interradicular area:

3rd generation of apexo locator:

Pulpal pain may not be referred from:

The easiest endo retreatment in:


7 y/o boy came to the clinic in the right maxillary central incisor with large pulp exposure:


Patient have a complete denture come to your clinic he complain of gagging he wear the denture for 5 years he feel the gagging in the first few days and it disappear what is the cause:

After final inlay cementation and before complete setting of cement we should:

Small caries confined to enamel:

Skeletal Bone of skull develop from :


32 years old patient came to your dental office, suffering from a bad odour and taste from His mouth. By examination patient has an anterior mandibular 3 unit bridge that bubbles upon Applying water spray and slight pressure. Cause:


Knife ridge should be tx with:

The roof of mandibular fossa consist of:

The most common type of malignant bone tumor of the jaws is:

In hairy tongue, which taste buds increase in Length:

The one who is supposed to give the correct design of the removable partial denture:

During maxillary 3rd molar extraction the tuberosity fractured. It was firmly attached to the tooth and cannot be separated. What is the management:

Optic nerve coming from which bone:

The imaging showing disk position and morphology and TMJ bone:

Ranula Can be treated by:

Isolation period of chickenbox should be:

The following cavity bases are moisture sensitive:

Oral lesions of lichen planus usually appear as:

What is the first sign if there is fracture in the face in x-ray?

In maxillary 1st molar 4th canal is found in:

Kennedy divided all partial edentulous arches:


Patient came to your clinic with severe pain, on x-ray the right side of the mandible has a radiolucency with a radiopaque border that resembles the sunshine rays. Your diagnosis is :

Which one of the following is least likely to contribute to oral bad breath:


Burning mouth syndrome is a chronic disorder typically characterized by each of the following EXCEPT:

Receiving the impression after removal from the mouth directly:


A temporary form representing the base of a denture which is used for making maxillomanibular (jaw) relative record for arranging teeth or for trail insertion in the mouth is:


Unilateral swelling + slowly progressing Lesion on the Left side of the mandible. This could be:

The Common disease affecting the submandibular salivary gland is:

Sealer is used in RCT to:

Soft palate falls abruptly facilitate recording post dam, falls gradually make recording post dam difficult :

Over erupted upper right 1st molar will be managed by: EXCEPT:

Selection of shade for composite is done:

Radiographic examination in impacted teeth is useful to demonstrate:

What is the best media for keep avulsion tooth:

Pt with denture has swallowing problem and sore throat. The problem is:

Polysulfide impression material:

After amalgam titrations, the mix should be placed within:

The base plate could bee made by:

Many parts of bones are originally cartilaginous that replaced by bone:

The scientific evidence in dictating that oral Lichen planus is a "premalignant Lesion" :

Child with traumatized lip, no tooth mobility, what will you do first:

Child with cleft palate and cleft lip with anodontia due to:

Which tooth of the mandibular anterior teeth that touch the lingual surface of the maxillary anterior teeth in normal centric relation?

Dentine permeability increases :

Upper teeth palatal mucosa supplied by:

The most prevalent primary molar relationship :

The x ray show scattered radiopaque line in the mandible jaw, the diagnosis will be:

We Vaseline the inner surface of the flasks all rounds:

Pt on long term antibiotic came with systemic Candida:

GIC compared to composite:

Action of Histamine:

Patient had anaphylactic shock due to penicillin injection , what's the most important in the emergency treatment to do:


A Pt with severe periradicular pain has a necrotic pulp, a broken lamina dura, and circumscribed radiolucency of long duration. The periradicular diagnosis:

Type I diabetes mellitus can be characterized as:

Fracture before 1 year of upper central incisor reach the pulp in 8 year old child. How will you manage this case :

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