Foundation Course

A typical Indian student at the tertiary or under graduate level, using English as educational medium, often tends to overlook English and speak in the mother tongue even on campus. This inclination to revert to the first language and avoid English, is largely the result of the confused learning order adopted in the case of the second language.

Our mother tongue acquisition is the result of almost two years of patient listening, observation and consistent speaking practice. This can be proven by the exceptionally sweet and rewarding experience of observing toddlers playing with each other or with toys, babbling almost all the time. They are, in reality, trying to articulate the sounds and words they heard spoken by the elders around them. It is this intent listening and tireless speaking that lays the foundation of a child’s language acquisition and usage. Writing follows clear speech and grammar rules are introduced only at a much later stage.

On the flip side, second language is usually introduced through nursery rhymes and alphabets in the place of real life conversations. This is followed by recognising and writing alphabets, simple words and sentences, closely followed by grammar. Nothing more could be done to make second language learning a nightmare to the majority who didn’t have a natural flair for language. This damage needs to be undone and the void in listening and speaking skills filled in through carefully tailored tutorials. Be Max has taken this task seriously and introduced the Foundation course(FC).

Students who fail to meet the minimum requirement in the Placement Test are advised to take the FC, a judiciously balanced online tutorial that lasts a fortnight. This programme is led by Prof. Dr Vijay C Nair, assisted by experienced online trainers. FC furnishes the learners with the  most vital building blocks, cues and perception of the English language necessary to effectively carry out their IELTS training.

BeMax advises all its trainees to book a test date only after a fortnights’ training and on receiving positive feedback from their trainers and trainee advisor. You can trust BeMax to be with you ensuring timely support and innovations on your IELTS journey,  to suit your educational and career aspirations

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