Nursing Licensing Exam are designed to measure the competency and skills of a nurse . It will asses a nurses ability to provide  effective nursing  care. Each Country has its own set of exams to check the ability of the nurses to work in different conditions. For examples HAAD exam to work in ABU DHABI, DHA for DUBAI Prometric exams to Qatar, Oman & Saudi Arabia MOH Exams for Sharjah and Kuwait. Most of the candidates are confused about the examination pattern, type of questions number of attempt and the dataflow for each licensing exams. Here I will explain you about some basics things you should know before preparing for the exam. Questions are scenario type with four options

  1. Scenario based questions will ask so the time taken to read the questions will be reduced
  2. Picture based, questions from medical, surgical nurse
  3. Critical thinking questions
  4. Calculations from FON

Through the knowledge about the theory will help to manage the exam easily. Time management is an Importent thing that every students has to practice from the initial stage of preparation. So you should read the question properly, deselect the two wrong answer from the choices and select the correct answer. In Bemax academy from the first day of admission itself, each student is evaluated about their level of knowledge. We are conducting a pretest on the first day and asses the level of Knowledge. Then each day we are providing effective theory classes and updated  question practice. In between conducting weekly mock test after the completion of each system. So the students get opportunity to manage the time and will also be familiar with question pattern of examination

By Jereena  Sakeer Nursing Trainer

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