Welcome to a transformative journey towards English proficiency with our unique IELTS online coaching!
we offer various IELTS batches based on the candidate’s current language skills & their convenience.
we mainly have 4 Batches 


3 months online*

2 months online*

1 month online*

15 days crash course*

IELTS 3 months online batch

In this batch, we offer  IELTS foundation classes in the first month which is called ‘the ‘ROOTS’ program which is our premium group session focussing on IELTS  beginners this contains daily 1 hour IELTS applied grammar classes + 2 hours of IELTS Speaking | IELTS Writing | IELTS Reading, also includes 4 weekly mock tests with practice sessions with the help of the candidate to assess their skill level
When you are completing one month IELTS Foundation you can improve your IELTS Score & your Confidence as well.

” When you are completing one month IELTS Foundation you can improve your IELTS Score & your Confidence as well “

2 Months onwards you will get IELTS individual trainer & SPECTRA classes
In the IELTS Individual session, you will get a dedicated individual trainer, based on your time preference you can opt for a one-hour time schedule between 7 am to 10 pm (Indian standard time).
The trainer will focus on Individual IELTS Speaking and writing Corrections.


The SPECTRA batch is our premium IELTS exam prepratory session with focus on exam candidate. All four modules of IELTS such as Writing,Speaking,Reading and listening will covered in this one hour session.

3rd month is exclusively for Exam candidates and provides intensive exam-oriented coaching candidates  can choose daily 2 hours of exam-oriented sessions here. 

2 Months online coaching

* On the 2 monthly packages, the candidate can choose either a 1-month beginner (ROOTS) class / SPECTRA + Individual Trainer session
* 1 month SPECTRA + Individual training session + 1 month intensive exam classes

1 Month online package 

In this package you can choose one month individual Training session along with either ROOTS or SPECTRA classes

15 days crash course

Our crash course is a turbocharged program specially designed for IELTS repeaters, this package provides essential skills and strategies for IELTS success. With focused training, personalized guidance, and practical insights, elevate your preparation and boost performance – all in just 15 days!