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NCLEX (National Council Licensure Examination) is an examination for the licensing of nurses in the United States and Canada. There are two types, the NCLEX-RN and the NCLEX-PN. After graduation from a school of nursing, one takes the NCLEX exam to receive his or her nursing license.

The total cost of licensure in most states will be approximately $300.00. The NCLEX exam itself costs approximately $200.00; this is paid to Pearson Vue at the time you register. Each state has its own fee for licensure; this fee is due at the time of application.

Retake Policy. The NCSBN retake policy allows candidates to retake their exam 45 days after administration of the exam. Candidates who have applied for licensure with a participating board of nursing will be permitted to take the NCLEX eight times a year, but no more than once in any 45-day period.

You may have as few as 75 or as many as 265 questions on the exam, depending on how you are answering the items. The computer will shut off when you have either passed or failed. You will not know at that point how you have done. You have a maximum of six hours to complete the exam.

It uses five-step nursing process: assessment, analysis, planning, intervention and evaluation.

Nursing practice entry is regulated by the licensing authorities within each of the NCSBN member board of jurisdiction. Several Steps occur in the development of the NCLEX -RN  test plan.

The content of the test plan is organized into for major Client Needs categories.

  • Safe and Effective Care Environment
  • Health Promotion and Maintenance
  • Psychosocial Integrity
  • Physiological Integrity

Nursing process, caring, communication and documentation,  and teaching/learning is integrated into the categories.

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  • The NCLEX exam is the last step to obtaining a nursing license. There are two types of NCLEX exams – The NCLEX-RN for those vying for a Registered Nurse license. The NCLEX-PN for those vying for a Practical or Vocational Nurse license The NCLEX tests are designed to protect the public by setting forth standards that must be met by entry-level nurse professionals – either as Licensed Practical Nurses (LPNs) or Registered Nurses (RNs). Essentially, the NCLEX exam is the way in which nursing students demonstrate that they possess the required skills, knowledge, and critical thinking to meet the requirements of the nursing license. Committing to a study plan is one of the most important ways to ensure your success when taking the NCLEX exam. There are many NCLEX test prep online services that offer quality study materials – often without any fee! The internet offers a plethora of NCLEX study| BeMax Academy
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