The OET is a medical English test which is offered for 12 healthcare professions in some countries. This means that people within the professions of nursing, pharmacy, optometry etc. are able to sit for the OET. It is important that you use the preparation material that is specific to your specialisation because the writing and speaking sections of the test are based on each profession.

The updated version of OET will come into effect from September 2018 which will assess the candidate’s efficiency to communicate in different accents.

Our blog explains in detail about the updated OET modules (Listening, Reading, Writing, and Speaking) along with some tips that can help you to achieve your desired score.


This section has 3 parts with broader range of accents. Firstly, Part A is for 15 minutes with two separate consultations between a healthcare professional and a patient.

Part B (10 minutes) includes six short dialogues or monologues in workplace settings.

Part C (15 minutes) includes two long presentations or interview with healthcare professionals.


The Reading subtest will include new task types such as matching the correct points, short-answer questions and a new broader range of documents, such as policy or procedure documents. The updated reading subtest includes:

Part A (15 minutes)        – Expeditious (fast) Reading task

Part B + C (45 minutes)  – Six short workplace extracts

Part C                                 – Two long presentation passages


There will be no updates to the writing subtest.


There will be no updates to the Speaking subtest. The Speaking subtest will assess clinical communication skills such as:

  • Relationship building
  • Understanding the patient’s perspective
  • Providing structure to the conversation
  • Gathering information from the patient
  • Establishing what the patient already knows

Want to know more about OET 2.0

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