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The most common immediate treatment reported for fractured teeth was:

A 55 year old patient with multi-extraction teeth, after extraction what will you do first:

After trauma a tooth become yellowish in color, this is due to :

Pain in central incisors from :

Bonding agent for enamel we use:

Which of the following is the cause of immediat type allergic reaction to latex


An anterior fixed partial denture is contraindicated when:

A removable partial denture patient, Class II Kennedy classification. The last tooth on the left side is the 2nd premolar which has a distal caries. What’s the type of the clasp yo  will use for this premolar:

What do we use as temporary filling material in anterior reign when aesthetic is important:

Ranula is associated with which salivary gland:

Geographic tongue is seen in Pt with:

Energy absorbed by the point of fracture called:


8-(6 years) child with bilateral loss of deciduous molars &the anterior teeth not erupted yet ,the space maintainer for choice is:

Are appliances used for immobilization of fragments of broken parts of jaw bones in their original position until repair takes bleeding?


After bleaching a tooth, we wanna restore the tooth with composite resin, we don’t want to compromise the bonding, we wait for:

6 years old child lost his upper right 1st molar, arrangement :

Perforation during endo space preparation what is the most surface of distal root of lower molar will have tendency of perforation:

Important factor in long term success of perio treatment:


Child has a habit of finger sucking and starts to show orodental changes, the child needs:

Syphilis first appearance:

Pt has bad oral hygine and missing the right and left lateral insicor what ttt :

Class III jaw relation in edentulous PT :

Class II composite resin is lined by:

PT feel pain of short duration after class II restoration. Diagnosis is:


All are participating in the determination of the posterior extension of the maxillary denture (posterior palatal extension) EXCEPT :

Length of pins must be equals in both tooth and restoration by a depth of:

Cleft palate, cleft lip, missing ear, prognathism are:


Composite restoration that was matching in shade, after one week it became much light... The reason could be:

The packing and sorting of protein is the function of:

Thickness of luting cement: 

The aim of treatment maintenance is:

Hairy trichoglossia may be caused by:

Difference between Gracey and universal curette:

Thyroglossal duct cysts:

Stage Ib disease of squamous cell carcinoma:

The needle holder used in suturing of lower third molar :

Mix in walking non vital bleatching:

In primary teeth, pathologic changes in radiographs are always seen in:

Foramen oval is in the following bone:

In geriatrle Pt, Cementum on the root end will:

The best material for taking full crown veneers impression is :

Mucoceles the best tx is:

What medical condition should prevent the dentist from practicing dentistry :

Which of the following may cause gingival enlargement :

After usage of sharp scalpels, needles, what's the best management :

In diabetic patient, periodontium affected by which cells:

In diabetic patient, periodontium affected by which cells:


Best treatment of choice for carious exposure of a primary molar in a 3 year old child who complain of toothache during and after food taking:

The radiograph shows condylar head orientation and facial symmetry :

In primary teeth. The ideal occlusal scheme is:

In geriatrle Pt, Cementum on the root end will:

Which of the following endodontic failure may be retreated only with surgery:

Child have tooth which have no moblity but have luxation best treatment:

Post length increasing will :

Bronchial asthma epinephrine concentration subcutaneously :

32 years old patient came to your dental office, suffering from a bad odour and taste from His mouth. By examination patient has an anterior mandibular 3 unit bridge that bubbles upon Applying water spray and slight pressure. Cause:

In fixed p.d u use gic for cemntation what best to do :

To treat non vital tooth with open apex when doing access openning with gates glidden bur take care to :

The retainer of rubber dam :


Patient with lupus erythematous and under cortisone, he needs to surgical extraction of a tooth. What should the surgeon instruct the patient:

Overhanging restoration margins should be removed because :

Spontaneous pulpal pain is indicative of:

The most accurate impression material for making impression of an oral cavity is:

The most affect tooth in nurse bottle feeding :

After etch enamel and bond it with 5th generation the strength of?

HBV can be transmitted by transplacental:

Acute periapical abscess characterized by:

Most common cyst :

When you give inferior dental block for pedo Pt the angulations for the needle:

Verrucous carcinoma:

Gingival hyperplasia related to phenytoin therapy is:

Hand over mouth technique is used in management of which child:

Gutta percha contain mainly:


Radiographic diagnosis of bilateral expansile radioopaque areas in the canine premolar area region of the mandible is :

Lateral canal is detected by:

Incipient caries is diagnosed by:

Shade guide:

Palatal canal in upper molars is curved:

Dentine hypersensitivity is best relieved or controlled by:

For the ceramometal restorations, the type of finish line is:

The following are multilocular radiolucencies in xray EXCEPT:

The best material for taking full crown veneers impression is :

Mandibular 1st permanent molar look in morphology as:

Light curing time for simple shallow class III composite:

The primary source of retention of porcelain veneer :

In class 3 jaw relation in edentulous Pt:

Each of the following is correct EXCEPT which one:

Selfperceptions of bad breath appear to be unreliable :

In deciduous tooth the first radiographic changes will be seen in:

Came to the clinic complaining from pain related to swelling on maxillary central incisor area which vital and normal under percussion?

We Vaseline the inner surface of the flasks all rounds:

The protrusive condylar guidance should be set on the articulator at:

Trauma caused fracture of the root at junction between middle and cervical third:

Squamous cell carcinoma is multifactorial:

Dental fluorosis :

Rubber dam is contraindicated in:

The use of the rubber dam in endodontics is:

Which surface of the central incisor that contacts the median line:

-………… is the art and science of functional, anatomic and cosmetic reconstruction of missing or defective parts in the maxilla, mandible or face by the use of non living substances:

Treatment of cervical caries in old patients with a temporary restoration is best done by:

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