IELTS is the International English Language Testing System, trusted by Governments, employees, employers and thousands of Universities across the globe. It was launched in 1980 but for more than 40 years IELTS has set the standard for English Language Testing to help individuals to attain their personal, professional and academic ambitions. Cambridge, IDP and the British Council could alter the format of the IELTS exam ranging from integrating the four skills. So it is difficult and time consuming to create a reliable and trustworthy English proficiency test.

When it comes to exam pattern, both IELTS Academic and General training exams are composed of four sessions namely Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking module. While the listening and speaking modules are common in both versions. The total test duration of the test is 2 hours and 45 minutes.
Listening Session is one of the important modules in the IELTS exam. It has been more or less the same in recent years. If you are depending on Cambridge test books for practicing your listening skills, you will be confident in finding the following questions

** Section 1- Recording 1- table or note completion – a conversation or discussion between two persons in a typical situation.

** Section 2 – Recording 2– map labelling, multiple choice or box matching — it might be a monologue or a speech explaining the situation or may be an explanation of a map

** Section 3 — Recording 3– multiple choice, multiple – multiple choice or box matching — it may be a long discussion between 3 or 4 people regarding their academics or university matters

** Section 4– Recording 4– note completion — it may be a monologue or a lecture regarding a specific topic

In other words, Section 4 ALWAYS asks you to complete a set of notes with multiple words and multiple choices have been limited to section 2 and 3. However, at the stare of 2023, some of our students reported that the playback speed of the listening session has been increased so that at some point of time it made them so difficult to follow the voice note. Hence, we at Bemax always support our students to practice accordingly with the current style.

Now, you may think that this is a small change but you have been using notes to understand the lecture, then it can be a real shock that you have to support the comprehension and at the same time you have to read and understand the long multiple choice questions along with three potential answers.

So for all these worries, we are here at Bemax with a sophisticated listening lab with updated recordings for practicing our listening sessions. It boosts the confidence of our students and they also have a well cut idea for approaching the current listening pattern. It is depicted in our students band score. So we always guarantee a 7+ band in listening sessions along with our supporting and well trained faculties.

At every moment we proudly present and encourage all our students to practice our materials and to be updated with new versions in all four skills.

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